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Why Online Reviews can help Estate Agencies Succeed?

2024 · 05 · 27
Why Online Reviews can help Estate Agencies Succeed?

There are many factors for a business to succeed, especially with estate agents. One of the biggest factor is Testimonial. You can be the best of the best, but if no one knows how good you are, then why would they choose you?

To create brand trust, gaining reviews from your clients is very important. A potential client is much more likely to become an active client if they have read good reviews about your company.

Before make a decision for themselves, potential clients generally want to hear about people’s experiences and opinions. Think about when you are booking a holiday, would you book a hotel which has no reviews or has poor reviews? Probably not, and the reason why? Because you think that you might have a bad experience.

Unsure of how and where you should be asking clients to write you a review?

Here are the top places you should consider to gain strong online trust and become the successful estate agents

Google Reviews

As you know, when someone wants to search something online, the first place that they think is Google. Google is the number one search engine, so you need to be noticed on here to become a successful Estate Agent.

If you’re searching for something online, where is the first place you would look? Google! Google is the number one search engine, so you need to be noticed on here to become a successful Estate Agency. If you haven’t already done so to start obtaining Google, create a Google My Business Listing Reviews. This is especially beneficial for local Estate Agencies trying to target a local audience. When someone searches for your business, your Google My Business listing will appear, showing your Estate Agents reviews to the right of the Google result.

Google is a great place to receive a review. Besides that, it’s likely to be viewed by a large amount of people and it’s much more difficult to fake a review. The more reviews you gain on Google, the more chance you have of being noticed by potential clients. Important! Don’t forget to reply to every comment, especially any negative ones to solve any future problems. In the competition market, if you care about your client, you will become a successful estate agent soon.

Top Tip: If users want to leave reviews on Google, they must have Google account. Only users have an account can review. Therefore, ensure that you tell your clients that they need to be logged into their Google account (if they have one) when asking for a review.

Successful Estate Agents Collect Reviews Online

Facebook Reviews

What is the most popular Social Media network in the world? Do you think about Facebook? Through the survey, about 98% people answer Facebook when they are asked this question. With over 1 billion users, Facebook is the best place to receive reviews. It will help to build brand trust. Before the client has visited your website or office (if posted right), sharing your latest properties on Facebook can generate a lead.

Seeing good reviews on Facebook will create a positive impression of your business. The majority of your clients are likely to already be active on Facebook, and on this platform it’s quick and easy to leave a review so don’t forget to ask for them! Especially if you’re already connected with them!

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Website Testimonials

Create a page/ section on your website for testimonials. If a client has left you a review on Google, Facebook or any other internet site, then add it to your website. If a potential client lands on your website without seeing any reviews about your business, the testimonials page will show them that you are a trusted, well established company who they want to buy or rent a property from.

How the reviews affect to estate agents

Directory listing reviews

Why a potential client should choose you? What make your Estate Agent different from the others? You have to answer 2 questions clearly and show the reasons why you are better than your competitor. So, seeking reviews on directory listings is important. Your logo/ office front, company name, services and contact details will be shown on most directory listing websites. Clients will look at reviews, seeing a listing with ‘no reviews’ next to a competitor with a 5 star rating is a no brainier. Those reviews will affect their decision, and that is the way their choose who to contact.

Some Directory listing sites to consider are: Yell.com, Yelp, 118

Directories are not only a great place to gain more trustworthy reviews, but they also build a websites domain trust, enabling it to rank higher in Google to even get seen by more potential future clients!

There are many places to obtain reviews online. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an official review. Leaving a positive comment on an Instagram picture or writing a comment on Twitter and tagging your business can also have a positive impact too!

What estate agents should do

Not everyone will automatically leave a review. When buying a product or service, they may care about the quality of those product or services first. In the case if it has some problem, they may complain. Almost people don't think that they have to send a review. So, ask every client how they heard about your Estate Agency- then ask them to leave a review on the website which they originally found your business. You can still ask for a review in the case if a client didn’t find your business online. This is not only a good way to retrieve reviews, you could also keep track of where your business is attracting the most interest and where you may need to improve.

Top Tip: How about a client who doesn’t use the internet at all? Don't worry, just ask them if they could leave you a short review on paper or over the phone which you can then add to your website.

Positive reviews contribute to build strong brand awareness. To get more great reviews, sometimes companies like to give small incentives. For instance, you can create some mini games online and people can win a small prize when they leave a review. The power of online reviews are here to stay so if you don’t keep up, your Estate Agency could lose out!

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