= Qualified Leads
Increase relevant traffic or your potential leads to your Property website quickly through Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  • Pay only for relevant traffic. Geography, days of the week, time-of-day, keywords, etc are all manageable.
  • Effective PPC Management with Regular Report, A/B Split Testing, Fair Price and Remarketing.

Qualified Leads

Right keyword, right message, qualified leads. We focus on what own-stay or investment people are looking for while also prevent wasteful clicks from unqualified people.

Fast Result than SEO

It takes you only 5 minutes setting up to be on top of Google. Don’t lose your chances to get leads. Property Preview Launch don’t wait for your SEO Results.

High ROI

The best converting keywords, effective bidding, a fast loading site, and so on can be converted into your profit. Save your cost with controlled clicks, and earn money with qualified leads from your Google Campaign.

Why choose us for your PPC Campaign?

Understanding Property Industry. With more than 7 years working in Singapore Property Industry,  we get your industry. All PPC campaigns are optimized to create leads at fair price.

Optimize for Leads. Instead of focusing in clicks, we optimize PPC campaign to decrease unqualified clicks and increase conversions of qualified leads.

Clear Report. You get what you pay and you will know clearly. We track using Google analytics, setup goals, & will send you regular reports so you can see where leads are coming from.

We’ll Help You Get More Leads With Better PPC Management

Regular Report – Fair Pricing – A/B Split Testing

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