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Top tips to make your Property Website be noticed by Google

2024 · 05 · 27
Top tips to make your Property Website be noticed by Google
There is about 99%  of users go to Google to search for information about the things or products that they intend to invest or buy. So, all of us can see that Google is not just a search engine, it's also the most important address where you can promote your property website and make it so impressive to buyers. Well, to help your property website get seen online, the tips below will help you to get noticed by Google. Read it if you want your website is on Top.

Submit your website to Google Search Console

Submit your website to Google Search Console Google search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) is a free web service by Google, allow companies to check their websites indexing status. Submit your website address to Google and it will appear when users seek the relevant information. If not, your real estate website won't be seen anywhere. Certainly, users also don't see your site. Don't you know, 28% is the number that can increase search traffic to your website. View search queries - You can check "Search Traffic" on your site. This means you can see what search queries people are typing in Google who visit your website. Check links to your website - You can check which websites link to you. If your website has any spammy link that could damage your ranking ability, you can ask Google not to associate your site with the found link.

Create An Impressive Articles for your property website

Create An Impressive Articles for your property website "Content is King", that is the basic rule everyone know. The best property website will offer clients the information that they want to know about the development they like. You could write news, blog or some articles that involve in property which you're selling. One of the useful ways that will make your website is noticed by Google, you know, you have to optimise your article content. A quality content comes from a good Landing Page, Title, Heading Tags, Images and metadata.
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Have Mobile Responsive Feature

Have Mobile Responsive Feature Since 2015, Google released their mobile-friendly algorithm that was designed to boost pages that are mobile friendly in Google’s search results, this was called Mobilegeddon. Nowadays, more than 60% users browse the internet on a mobile device, so, If you want to compete with others, besides a good content, your web has to, and must own responsive features on mobile devices.

Use Google My Business and Reviews

Google My Business and Reviews Nothing makes users believe than a company that have a clear address, history business, opening hours, track record, website address, social media links, etc. So, you need to create a Google My Business listing, this makes it much easier for people to find your company on Google. One tip that's so important for online businesses, most of the buyers always take a look at the review of precious customers on your property website. To show them how wonderful you are, let display the impressive reviews and client testimonials. Clients can also review your business via Google My Business, so you can gain more reviews by simply asking clients to write a review on your Google Listing.

Keep your customer information is safe

Keep your customer information is safe A property website will include the contact form for clients, when they're interested in a unit at a development, they will submit their info in this area. Your customers will be pleased if their private information don't disclose for the third party. So, how to keep your clients personal details safe? How can you secure your property website and get your higher position in Google? Obtaining an SSL Certificate which will secure your website domain. What is SSL Certificated? An SSL Certificate creates a visible padlock on your website address and changes your URL from HTTP to HTTPS. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, with the ‘S’ standing for ‘secure’. This means that your data and identification between your browser and the website you visit is secured by an encryption. And Google ranks HTTPS websites higher than non-HTTPS websites.

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