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The frequent problems when redesigning a real estate website, do you know?

2024 · 04 · 16
The frequent problems when redesigning a real estate website, do you know?
Your real estate website is the basic element in your business. Once you tend to improve your website quality, upgrade or something else, you should hire a BEST service supplier. They will redesign your site and avoid several common challenges, some of them like below:

1. Website design and your brand

website design

You need a service provider that have many experiences about the brand and design. Ensure that they will transmit your company image and message to the customers. The final destination makes more and more people pay attention to your brand and becomes loyal.

2. Responsive features. Mobile version

mobile version

A recent survey shows that there is over 40% of all your website will be from smartphones and other mobile devices. So, ensure your service supplier is able to provide a dedicated mobile website, it helps users to have a completely customised browsing experience that is faster and more friendly.

3. A useful and impressive content

keep your content is unique

One matter that most people meet in real estate website redesign is content. That include company profile, listing and news. Make good this work, you will realize that it's useful to convert the visitors into high-quality leads. For instance, for your company profile, showcase your track records, message and orientation in future. Let demonstrate that you are the BEST destination for your customers. How about listing? Try to use the images that have a high quality to attract the users, besides, a video should be added to stimulate clients. And finally, you have to update news on the property market frequently, and certainly, keep that articles unique.

4. Content management system

Content Management System

A proper content management system (CMS) is so important to your real estate website. Nobody wants to pay money and time to hear the property that they interested are sold or changed its price. So, that is why you need a good service supplier. They will provide you with a user-friendly content management system, when owning it, you can easily add or update listings and content in other regions.
Property Boom offers the BEST website design services. With a beautiful interface, an organized content, and especially, you can edit the content by yourself, this allows you to manage the content as you desire. Please take alook at OUR WORK and don't forget to CONTACT US to get the FREE consultation!!!

5. Search Engine Friendliness

search engine friendlyness

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a survival issue with a website. Google is the MOST excellent search engines in the scientific era. You must have a well-designed search engine optimisation strategy to ensure users who have the property needs will find out you on search rankings.

6. Upgrade your real estate website

upgrade your real estate website

As you know, 21th century is the specific Era, technology is one of the major fields. It's important to hire a creative service provider, they will keep your website is on top of search result.

7. Customer Experience

customers expericences

Most of the people who visit your real estate website have the housing needs, for sale, for rent or buying. Certainly, they want to find out information on the property in a short time, transfer to relevant articles quickly. It's necessary to create a superior property search experience for your visitors. For sure, they will become your potential customer.

8. Syndication


You should appear on property portals. This is a good opportunity for you because of it supply a one-stop property solution for your visitors. Make sure your service provider is fully integrated with other major property portals and online classified website. That will help you to attract plenty of users.

9. URL redirects

url redirects

When redesigning your website, your search engine rankings tend to lose. Don't worry! The service provider will have a useful method that executes URL redirects to ensure that Google and all the other major search engines can find your new page and certainly, keep your current search engine rankings. Redesigning a property website is a challenge. Understanding the major elements and hiring a good services provider will make a huge success for you. Property Boom is the BEST destination that you shouldn't miss.

Redesigning your real estate website is so difficult? Call Property Boom

Property Boom is Singapore's website design company that have many experiences in online marketing solutions. Since 10 years ago, we provided an excellent quality for our customers. Continue to grow our tradition, now, we focus on website design, PPC, and many more. Just SGD$299, you will own a professional website with a great interface, full features. CHEAP, QUICK but QUALITY, just at Property Boom. CONTACT US to get the instructions in details, NOW!!!

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