Should Realtors Use Google AdWords To Reach Target Audiences?

Come as a highly scalable and cost effective Online Ads's form, Paid Search is set to connect you with audiences that are browsing actively for their properties and services Online. By allowing real estate agents to sponsor a list of relevant keywords, Paid Search platforms operate based on a cost-per-click basis for the advert placement in Search Engine Result. And the result is that when any client searches for your services or property, your ads might be visible in the search result pages. And the largest paid search platform is Google Adwords. Globally, it accounts for 33% of all Online Ads Revenue which means Search Engine takes up one-third of the global ONLINE advertising market. Not only get the market share extensive, Google Adwords also contributes to 95% of the total revenue of Giant Google. Recently, there is an increasing number of the real estate companies choosing paid advertising platforms for their business and get enormous benefits from Google Adwords.

So what is Google AdWords?

With more than million users worldwide, Google AdWords is known as the largest Paid Search platform globally. It includes Google Search Network and Google Display Network. Google Search Network is set for the plain text ads that will be visible in search results whenever anyone uses one of your bidding keywords for their search on the Google Search Network. This network comprises Google search and partner sites with Google. In addition, Google Display Network comes as visual multimedia ads and it includes third party websites that the ads will be shown on, it is not reliant on your keywords.

Why should we advertise with GA?

Google AdWords is designed particularly for businesses to acquire the profit on their investment with the adverts. This platform offers the plenty of tools and features to help the businesses reach their target audiences, enlarge and generate the leads as well as control the process and measure the results. Some benefits can be recommended for the reference: 1. Instant Visibility on Google If you own a new real estate website, it comes difficult and timeouts for you to improve your page rank in Google Organic Search Results. Paid Search can fix the problem instantly with the visibility in the top 4 search results. However, just keep in mind that you have to optimize your landing page and keywords, then the traffic can blood into and your real estate brand’s visibility will improve significantly. 2. Reach Relevant Customers Google AdWords can help you to approach people when they do the search for something related to your real estate business. The potential clients who search for an estate agency, for properties in a specific area can click on the ads, visit your website, browse the listings, read more about what you offer. It means Paid Search get you reach people who show the direct interest or potential interest in your own service or products. This can be done by tracking people who have previously visited your website and frequently returning your adverts to them across the internet. 3. The Flexible Cost The highly cost-effective Google AdWords offers the advertisers full control of the advertising spending. You can make the decision on the budget daily and monthly, the maximum cost setting for pay per click, monitor all them. Besides, you can pause, edit, schedule and restart the advertisement at any time. 4. Measurable Completely Google Adwords, unlike traditional advertising, can help you collect the detailed statistics of the ads performance. You can find out the useful information such as which position they were shown in, how many times your ads were shown, the percentage of ads clicked on as well as the average cost per click. If you are ready for the first advertisement with Google Adwords, the first thing you need to get it done is build a real estate website that is well-optimized for PPC.

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