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Real Estate Agency Management System in Singapore

2023 · 12 · 06
Real Estate Agency Management System in Singapore
With a couple of years in cooperating with numerous Singapore Leading Real Estate Agencies, our team at Propertyboom gets to know all issues, challenges and obstacles you have been facing. As one of Top-listed Prestigious Solution Providers for Property Management in Singapore, we offer our customers The High-quality Real Estate Agency System for managing properties and their customer relationships. Real Estate Agency Management System in Singapore

What is A Real Estate Agency System

Our team has got a strong portfolio in Singapore Real Estate Industry with over 10-year experiences to support the largest Property Agencies. Due to the close understanding of the market and customer's demand, we developed a Professional Real Estate Agency Management System in Singapore. The system not only provides a surefire set of management tools, but also delivers efficient methods to automate the necessary processes in your business's operation mechanism. To maximise the convenience, our Real Estate Agency System is a cloud-based application that is designed flexibly for all size of property Agencies. In addition, with the responsive design, you can "Go Mobile for our system" or any devices anywhere with the internet connection. Get access easily, instantly to a useful host of real estate management features from your devices that come among:
  • Module of training management to keep track the attendance of CPD Course (Continuing Professional Development), E-certificates Application and many more.
  • Module of transaction management to update the real-time on each transaction.
  • Module of salesperson management to access all records of your real estate agents.
  • Module of commission management to calculate automatically your commission.
  • Generate automatically the financial reports.
  • Calculate automatically the team leader bonus.
  • Calculate automatically the overriding scheme.
  • Among interesting others.

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