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How to improve a real estate website ranking on property portals?

2024 · 06 · 21
How to improve a real estate website ranking on property portals?
As you know, an useful property website not just alive since it has worked, it must be attractive, make plenty of customers interested in, own a high ranking on the search engine. So, how to improve a real estate website ranking on the property portal? Property Boom will show you some guidances by the article below.

A fantastic syndication

A real estate website needs a beautiful interface, that's a truth. Hence 40% customers always visit the list products, you must have an impressive property listing on your site to the client choose. It can be categorized by Area, District, Developer, Price, etc. You know, you can add and update details in the listing without having to worry about the limited and the cost you have to pay.

a good syndication will help your real estate website have a high ranking

At Property Boom, we offer the real estate website design services with the single property website or listing website. With the cheapest price, just SGD$299, you owned a professional property website with the impressive interface and full of features.
Control and edit by yourself, powerful call to actions, quick support, and anything else?  Contact us now to find out more and choose the best solutions for your business.

Syndicating to property portals

Most of the home buyers will seek the product information when they have the demand. Besides your website, they also find on the property portal. Why? Because the property portals provide the clients the numerous choices.

take your product in the property portal

The property agent website in the same area will be displayed when home buyers type that they demand. If you take your property website on it, when a customer finds an apartment that they want to own, your properties have the opportunity to appear and increase the reach with them. The result is the clients visit your site higher than before, your site has more leads. Ensure that your property website has the good ranking on the search result pages.  How can? Some secrets below will help you to improve your ranking on when you take part in the property portals:
  • Create a strong and impressive title.
  • Write an attractive description for the property with the length from 2 passages.
  • Provide the exact address, show its location map.
  • Use the beautiful images.
  • Add a video or a virtual tour.
Don't forget to provide your property info exactly and clearly, especially, you should focus on the high-quality photos which create a strong visual impression. Each listing is an opportunity that you can attract the users to your property website. The more you invest in your real estate website, the more successful you get.

Property Boom: where your real estate website ranking gets an unbelievable result

With more than 10 years in real estate website design, Property Boom proud to bring the success to plenty of customer in the world. Our services such as real estate website design, PPC, and online marketing solutions that make you become the leader of the race. Thousands of clients get their success, How about you? Don't wait! Contact us now and find why plenty of the customers choose property Boom is their partner?

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