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4 Online Marketing Solutions For Estate Agents Be Ahead Of The Game

2024 · 06 · 21
4 Online Marketing Solutions For Estate Agents Be Ahead Of The Game
When it comes to the new technology era these days, it's difficult for anyone not to get the online engagement, especially with all companies. The more your business gets the online appearance, the more you can go ahead of the game. Have you known that 47% of the UK population browse the website to search for property in the past 12 months? Thus, capture a strong starting point with 4 online marketing solutions for estate agents below to make a huge success online.

1. Social Media

The utilisation in social media to the full potential is very important to any real estate agent. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the efficient and free platforms for you to interact with the potential customers. Do you know sharing property, articles on social media is more beneficial than bombarding followers via the promotions? Don't ignore the useful resources that can get customers clinch conveniently to your business.

tips for online marketing solutions for estate agents

Top Tip - use the above social platforms to promote your brand values that are reflected on your website such as using the same images and logo. Thus, the customers can recognise your brand all over the internet.

2. Mix Engaging Content and Quality Content in harmony

High-quality content used to be all things that can enough for a good online marketing strategy. However, these days, it is creating viral content that can ensure you to gain competitive advantages.

viral content

Viral Content can come among:
  • News articles with burning questions to answer.
  • Give the questions for your readers to leave a comment or take action like sign up, download free documents.
  • Showcase your properties with the appealing video or images.
  • Creating a compelling, effective Call to action.

3. SEO strategy

Maintaining your SEO can make sure the website's content structured exactly (the description, the title, heading tags, the outbound and inbound links, images used correctly) and your landing page can get the chance to be shown on the first page of The Search Engine. One of the most important things completing your SEO strategy is the keywords targeting. For the small business, it had better to use long tail keywords to target their potential customers that will be less competitive and easier for the high rank.

seo strategy

In case you are not familiar with SEO (On-page) or any Online Marketing Solutions for your Real Estate Website like PPC, Facebook Ads, you can contact us for professional Consultation.

Propertyboom will be One-stop Destination for your successful business.

4. Focus on Mobile with Responsive Design

One of the killer factors for Google ranking is that your Real Estate Website has to work well on all devices including desktop, mobile and tablet. Did you know that 90% of time spent on mobile devices? So your website needs to be responsive.
At last, figure out the way you can apply all Online Marketing Tips above to your Real Estate Website. Online Marketing is increasing and it's sure that these above could be the ones to watch out carefully in any marketing strategy. For further information or consultation about Online Marketing Solutions like SEO On-page, PPC or Building A Real Estate Responsive Website, just contact our team at Propertyboom - one of the leading Real Estate Website Design in Singapore or fill in the form and we will get back to you shortly.

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