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3 reasons why a property agent website should focus on boosting detail page

2023 · 12 · 06
3 reasons why a property agent website should focus on boosting detail page
Google Analytics statistics showed more than a large number of users visited listing detail page of a real estate website, this exact number is 40%. That means besides your homepage, the listing website is the most attractive page where client visit when they click on your site. Making the detail page is much more interesting and you can get the unexpected results.

1. Satisfying the aesthetic eyes of clients

Upgrading real estate listing detail page permit you show your listing with the nicest interface, it includes excellent design and beautiful images. When your clients find these pages on Google or Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others, they will appear as the magnificent products that the visitor have never seen before. The more your property website is fantastic, the more clients you have. Don't forget!

real estate detail page make home buyers get a happiness

Property Boom will provide you the better solutions for online marketing such as real estate website design, PPC, etc. Our services are featured the special functions that no other own: browsed on all devices from PC, tablet to mobile; besides, you can control and edit your website by your self - one thing that makes thousands of customers choose us. Come Propery Boom, you will enjoy the professional services, build your website in a SHORT time, with an affordable price and a quick support. Contact us NOW to be a LEADER on the race!!!

2. Improving Google efficiency

increasing google ranking for your property website

A best real estate agent website not just alive, it's must change and upgrade to attract plenty of visitors. How can your website make the success like that? 3D tours, PDF floor plans or PDF transaction and other custom features available bring the best feeling for your client when they visit your site. Furthermore, this also helps Google index for your website, both your brand and website ranking is increased at the same time.

3. Creating the strong impression with customers

a beautiful listing property website

There is 40% clients prefer seeing your listing detail page to looking at the homepage, that demonstrates the listing property detail section where attracts a lot of visitors is your storefront in the online market. Ensure the category is arranged suitable example the types, the areas, the prices, etc. The listing website will show profession of a real estate agent website. So, you'd better make this page is good looking with your branding always display on the top of the page, you will receive more visits.

How can property agent website own a good looking detail page? Let Property Boom is your partner

Property Boom is Singapore No.1 property website design company, with over 10 experiences years in the industry, we ensure to bring the BEST services to you. Thousands of customers get a huge success, please take a look at our work and build your trademark with PROPERTY BOOM! Don't wait!!!

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