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What factors affect the property website conversion rate

2024 · 05 · 27
What factors affect the property website conversion rate
A property website takes a mission to distribute real estate information, advertise the property listing, position real estate business, viral your marketing strategy and ultimately transfer website visitors into potential leads. The purpose is trying to engage you tenants, buyers, landlords and seller and push them to make the decision by calling your sales team, fill in the form or signing up their email to get the monthly newsletter. If your property website gets the high conversion rate, you will get more return on investment. So, you must focus on increasing website conversion rate to get the best results in launching an online promotion campaign and take your marketing budget on attracting more traffic to the website. This is a Conversion Rate Optimisation, it relates to website improvements and increasing the user's search experience with the aim to generate the percentage of visitors turn into a lead. There are 7 most factors that affect a real estate website.

1. Customer Website Design

Almost, people will start the search online for a property listing before contact to the seller or agents. And, your website can be the first potential customers have with your real estate business. So, the important is making sure that your website interface is an accurate reflection of your business and company profile. The Customs website designs should reflect company photo, sharing marketing strategy and attract to your target customer and target market.

2. Property Search Functionality

When a visitors come to your property website, they are want to look for a property listing with the access, information, evaluation in the fastest possible time. So, you should allow a positive real estate search experience, provide your tenants and buyers to browse and search through many property listing and find what they want in as few clicks as possible.
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3. Volume and Quality of Listings

On your property website, the higher volume of property listing, the higher buyer and tenants come to you. And, if you increase the listing which matches to their requirement, they will become your leads by making an enquiry. Also, the quality of property listing will affect the conversion rate. So, Property Boom recommends that you should upload more features for your listing including pictures, videos, location map, typical layouts and detailed description for every listing on your website.

4. Original and Informative Content

Property website content is one of the important factors to increase the conversion rate. If your visitors are spending more time on the website by connecting them to content, you will generate visitors turn into leads. Real estate news/advice and local are profile will help the visitor understand more about that neighbourhood, also position your website ranking in search engine tools. The more valuable content, the more visitors come and stay longer on the website. Content on property website

5. Content Structure and Navigation

Make sure that your property website is easy to navigate and the content is presented in an organised way and professional. Making it as effortless and easy as possible for visitors to consume and find the property information that they are finding.

6. Load Speed

If the property website load speed is too slow, visitors will lose their interest and quit your website. To avoid this situation, ensure your website photos and code are fully optimised to download quickly. A fast browsing experience will decrease disappointed and raise your conversion rate.

7. Mobile Friendly

More than 50% visitor coming from mobile, it means you should offer them a truly smart phone property search experience. By bringing a mobile website that is designed to be used on the smartphone device. Make sure that your visitor can search, consume and navigate on the website. mobile display of property website

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