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What are the estate agent website features?

2024 · 07 · 16
What are the estate agent website features?
If you are a website design agent, you will receive a lot of enquiries of the customer. Some of them are useful, but others are not the satisfactory request. When design, some function provides the user is more convenient, others improve conversion rate and save contact database from the audience when they visit your website. Do you know what is the real estate website features? How many elements that organise it? Don't worry about it, Property Boom will explain the most clearly to you. Read me, hurry up!!!

Feed Generation

One of the most important estate agent website features is the feed generation. The agent listings will appear on the international real estate portal. Property Boom own an abundant integrated system, moreover, a huge data feed generation companies will improve the customer properties. Contact us NOW!!!

feed generation with client

Use Social Media

Most of the accounts of social media will help you to connect with a lot of online users. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others are the public tools which communicate with everyone on every part of the world. Getting a success isn't difficult, you should use the Social Media to make an abundant content for your fan page, besides, introduce your property website cleverly, that pull more and more customers for you.

use social media to promote your real estate webstie

Online Marketing

Nowadays, online marketing is a popular form to build a trade mark, by using social media, you will attract a lot of visitors to your website, if you build a website with beautiful content and excellent web interface, the customer will miss you and become your potential clients. Property Boom is the Singapore No.1 Real estate website design company, we focus on the design the responsive property web and online marketing solutions. Millions of customers have succeeded, what about you? Is there anything awaits you? Yes! Property Boom! We make sure offer you the best solutions to upgrade your websites and build your brand on the property market. Contact us now!!!

online marketing will help you build your trade mark


Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) is the method optimise your website, concentrate in the keywords, key phrases and optimise them, make your website is friendly with the search engines such as Google. If you make it good, your website will appear on the top of searching results. This is a popular request of clients who want to succeed in the online market. Together, Property Boom and you build your trademark.

seo is one of the most easy method in the estate agent website features

Real estate developments

property developments on a real estate website

When developed your website system, you need to permit the agents to add the projects to the admin panel. As soon as an agent create a new project, you can easily control it (add it or assign to a particular development). When your customer visits your real estate website, they will see the new project which you added at your web's front-end. This creates a connecting and raising the click rate in the links.

The index of property market

property market index

One of the estate agent website features is the market index, it shows the average prices of the projects (or land sites) in the same area, for sale, for rent, residential or commercial property. How can the market index do it? It makes that by taking data from your property lists and show it in the chart on your website.

Draw map

let your client can draw map on a area they need to search the products

A fascinating feature also is requested so much is drawing a map on the website. That allows the users to draw their area that they interested in, partition that area and searching. The region within the map will provide info about the properties in that. This saves time for the client and also help the businessman can easy show the property for the customer.

Real Estate Shortlist

create a short list on your property website

The estate agent website features include creating a property shortlist, allowing for your the online users to add properties to a shortlist. The list will provide the comparison and review for the client as they have the leisure time. When a property website design company design a site for you, they always put the contact register template into the web interface. The client will leave to and don't forget fill in that template with contact info and email address. By this way, you can own a huge potential client list, introduce your new projects in the future.

Real Estate Alerts

real estate alert

A modern real estate website is the website that can provide suitable products for the user needs. Collection customer demands when they search on your web (the area, type, condo or bungalow, what view, etc) and create a system that can automatically send the notifications for customers when the suitable product appears on your listing.

Connecting with client

connect to your client

A significant rule in business is not to forget your old client, you have to find new customers but always connect with existing clients. Keep they glad and informed as soon as new projects will be released. What way to do this? Connect with them via email. As you know, there are many ways to create the estate agent website features that make your sites become more friendly with search tools (such as Google), both users. If you really love the property, let invest more and more in it, especially your website, attracted client, increase leads online, act online marketing, etc. Let customer see your professional works, but the first, let build your trademark with Property Boom.

Looking for the estate agent website features? Looking for Property Boom

With over 10 years has worked with many agents in the world, Property Boom has a huge experience and our team make an impression with customers by the support quickly and detail in every case. Come to Property Boom and explore the best solutions for online marketing and real estate website design. Would you like to discover our fantastic services? Contact us NOW!!!

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