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Warning: These are 5 Killer Real Estate Marketing Online Strategies in 2017

2024 · 04 · 16
Warning: These are 5 Killer Real Estate Marketing Online Strategies in 2017

If you are a Real Estate Professional and want to brand yourself as well as your real estate business, you can not ignore Real Estate Marketing Online Strategies following. Cause ones of them already assume that you have got a Blog, Real Estate Website or Facebook Fanpage, we will not mention the typical tips like starting a blog, create a property website or Facebook page.

1. Use Responsive Real Estate Website Design

Real Estate Marketing Online Strategies

What is a responsive property website design? It is simply a website that can be accessed by all devices from desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone without any usability issues. So why it is important for your career? Research and statistics show that a responsive real estate website design will have higher conversion rates as well as the increase in sales.

These days, the continued development in visitors using mobile devices to browse the web has led to mobile-friendly sites. It makes sense that your customers will love the fact that they can take a virtual tour or buy on your website from anywhere with any device.

2. Create Nifty Local Content Strateies

If people have just moved to a new area, the information including statistics, fun facts, schools, events, neighborhoods and something else like that will catch their attention. If your property website offers them well, they will ultimately be introduced to your services.

local-conten-Marketing Online

Creating content that is helpful for home buyers and sellers is a must.

3. Grow Your Email List

email real estate marketing online strategies

Property Web Design marketing solution

One of top priorities for all real estate marketers should be build their email list - an increasingly important channel due to Facebook's and Twitter's limits. Some different and effective ways you can try in your property website design to capture your email list such as Popups & Slide-ins, Widgets & In-Page Options, Contact Forms.

One of the effective Real Estate Marketing Online Strategies you cannot miss.The key is Design, Build and Implement Beautiful Email Subscribe Forms.

4. Ask for Online Customer Review

You can't be shy about asking for reviews, especially ones that could be extremely valuable for your business. Catch the opportunity to ask for your customer a review whenever they express the praise for your service via an email or phone call.

ask for customer review strategies

You can copy and paste the best reviews on your real estate website. If your business provide with a myriad of services, make sure to find the unique testimonials to tansfer the confidence in anyone who is considering contacting you.

5. Use High Resolution Photos

high resolution photo in real estate website

Don't forget to take advantage of the cover photos, no matter what kind of real estate business you are in. if you want it to look amazing, it pays to take a few moments to optimize image you upload.

If you want to drive people to a highlighted subject on your real estate website, make sure that you include a link in the photo's description, Some ideas are that the links should take people to the mobile app, the property, and the conference pages.

More Real Estate Marketing Online Strategies

We hope you've enjoyed all above marketing tactics and surely they can be of help to you. Real Estate Mogul and Billionaire, Donald Trump says, “the image of success is important, but even more important is the ability to focus on solutions instead of on problems"

With over 7-year experience in working with hundreds of Singapore Property Agents, Property Boom .Co specializes in Property Responsive Website Design and Real Estare Marketing Online Strategy & Solutions. Please fell free to take the time to contact us now for more information !

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