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Understanding The Value Of Real Estate Website Content

2024 · 05 · 27
Understanding The Value Of Real Estate Website Content
On real estate website, Published content is the most valuable asset to your property business's online presence. Because a good content will become the best way to engage with your website users, keep them on the website for longer, increase the number of pages views, decrease the website bounce rate and raise the conversion rate, so you can get more quality leads. Next, if the content has enough information about local area, geographically specific, you will take more traffic thanks to searching engine visibility from Google and other major search engines. Then, website content will help position property website brand as a valuable online resource for local real estate information. So, when you plan for real estate content, you should create the sequences for them, one page and chapter can lead into the next one.

1. Homepage

The first section in your real estate website content plan is the homepage, it is the first one and the most visited page on your property website. The aims of the homepage is to bring visitors a look at overview about the content categories will be found out on the website, entice them to browse and discover the site further. So, a great homepage need highlight your real estate search facility, like a profile of the company, emphasize corporate competitive advantages, promote featured property listings or new projects, show the latest news articles, push any services and content to be found on the website. The main objective of homepage is to allow visitors with an overlook of the content to be found on the website and promote them to make action and browse further.

homepage of real estate website

2. Company/Agent Profile

After your real estate website showed a basic overview, then you should let your visitors know about your company, tell them who you are, where you have been, what are you doing and what you offer. A great agent/company profile will include your history, mission and vision, competitive advantages, services offered, accomplishments and awards, management team bios, corporate social responsibility projects, testimonials. The aim is to allow your visitors with the clear understanding of your business activities, improve credibility and build belief.

3. Property Listing

Almost, your property website visitors are tenants and buyers who search and access to looking for property listings. So, the content of property listing is the most important on your real estate website, you should add more information about a particular property to meet the searching needs. Make sure that you update high-quality property listings and allow your visitors with details information, high-resolution photos, videos/clips, virtual tours, location map and typical layouts. Your property listing should show a picture of property in visitors mind and make them visualize it before they even come to see in real life.

real estate website listing

4. Area/Local Profiles

Remember, always sell the neighbourhood and area before you sell the property. So you should support your property listing with a detailed profile the local area, geographic area of the property. A great local area profile will include pictures, clips, location maps and detailed information about history, local, recreational amenities, transportation, shopping malls, schools.

5. Advice and News

Real estate website news and advice will show your visitors on the neighbourhood area marketing, allow useful tips and hints when selling, buying or renting a house. The content is not only given information for potential seller, tenants and buyer but it also helps your website to improve ranking and becomes a local property expert and a valuable online resource for the local area.
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