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Top 7 Tips To Build A Real Estate Website

2024 · 04 · 16
Top 7 Tips To Build A Real Estate Website

It is essential for any agent to build A Real Estate Website to catch the opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. This key ingredient can give you credibility and a critical first impression to customers. Here are a few suggestions on building a real estate website that can help you stand out from competitors.

1. Functional design

First of all, your website design have to be functional across most of devices which means it not only works but is good-looking on all screen sizes also.

More than ever, design needs to be functional across a range of devices, it’s vital that your website not only works well but looks great on all size screens. Several factors of pure functionality to get started are:

  • Responsive Design – Your Real Estate Design have to load seamlessly across all devices, the friendly navigation on mobile-phone and tablet, especially no pinch-zooming required to view the information.
  • Accessible and friendly navigation: It's necessary that useful information in every section should be accessible within 3 Clicks, no more than.
  • Load time: Google Page Insight is recommended to use to check your page speed . Make sure that the score is 80 or higher, meaning it loads quickly across all devices.

2. Titles and Descriptions for SEO

Do you need double your search traffic? ‘SEO’ is a set of techniques to improve the result of your Real Estate Website in Search Engine. Some recommendation to follow are:

  • Page Title length max 60 characters
  • Meta Description length max 150 characters

Title description when building real estate website

Great SEO Titles and Descriptions will lift your website traffic – then generate the sales and leads. But remember that SEO is supplementary to optimize your website after people get there.

3. Maps & Amenities Information

What is the most important factor in real estate? LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION !! Not only the physical location, amenities nearby also make a considerable effect such as shopping malls, restaurants, store, parks, club as well as transport network, expressways.

How to implement maps on your website. The basic option is embedding Google Maps, but to customize your map with the extra pins and the information of the surrounding, you have to know some technical tweaks.

real estate website with location map

amenities information

4. Professional and High-resolution Imagery

It comes as a fundamental section to build a real estate website with professional images. The hero image should be high-resolution, bold and attention-grabbing. However, just keep in mind that reduce the image size without quality reduction if it is on the heavy side cause it can slow down webpages.

professional images

5. Great Property Descriptions

When build a Real Estate Website you have to know what makes most of people come to the decision whether to enquire or not. Virtual tours or images ? No, it is property description. Check tips to write an excellent real estate property description:

  • 150 words max with the beautiful brevity.
  • Tell people what are the Unique Selling-Points.
  • Avoid the cliché and jargon.

tips to build real estate website

create great description

6. Contact Information

Showing the human side behind your organization will not only make the attractive point for prospects for those who want to contact, but also avoid the suspision. For the easier online communication, just use instant widgets ‘chat with us now’.

Remember that helping your clients get the useful information which will lead less chances they’ll bounce off your page.

contact information

7. Digital Content Strategy

Creating consistently and persistently the thoughtful blog posts, infographics in your Real Estate Website will make the payoff. It is just a long-term benefit. Great content will push up the search rankings, attract links, raise brand awareness, get more shares and coverage.

When you begin to shape your content, you need to understand how prospective customers and how users interact with your key topics and themes.

Want to build a real estate website?

Today, over 92% of people browse the web for their home search. Build A Real Estate Website is an importance without doubt. But it can be time consuming, inefficient. That’s why we created Property Boom to help you get an Effective Real Estate Website with excellent cost-benefit.

Please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to show you some live examples of different Real Estate Websites using the Property Boom platforms.

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