PageSpeed Test Tools For Optimizing Property Website Design

Property website design is not only the way how you design a website with the beautiful display and functional utility. It is a process of building a real estate website including choosing a website, optimisation, marketing planning and your website load speed is one of most important factor for your success.

Property website design with test web page load speed

On property website design process, if you wonder how to test your property website page load speed, instead of loading your website and timing it. Load speed time is very important, not only for your audience and customer, by also for a search engine ranking perspective. How long would you want your customer to wait for a website to load before they closing the tab? Google provided a reliable tool that tests not only your page load speed of your real estate website but also the mobile load speed which is extremely key. Do you want to discover how fast your website loads? Here comes the Google PageSpeed Insights.

What is PageSpeed?

pagespeed for property website design

Support for property website design, PageSpeed Insights will become a good partner. PageSpeed Insights calculates the performance of a page for desktop devices and mobile. The URL is fetched twice: once with a desktop user-agent and once with a mobile user-agent. PageSpeed Insights checks to see if a page has applied general performance best practices, then it gives a score with ranging from 0 to 100 points, and falls into one of the following three evaluation including good, need work and poor. PageSpeed Insights also calculates how your page can improve its performance on:
  • time to above-the-fold load
  • time to full page load
Get more details information and try the Google page speed insight tool here.

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