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Notes from Top Singapore Property Website Designer before launching your site

2024 · 07 · 16
Notes from Top Singapore Property Website Designer before launching your site

Pick out your Real Estate Website? Don't Hurry! Answer 10 Questions Below First!

Launching a real estate website can be complicated or simple as you can think! Before you pick out your domain name, just take time to answer 10 questions below to keep you on track when you approach your launch date.

1. What’s the budget I want to spend for the website?

Determining the budget is the first priority before putting up a new real estate website. Your financial report will include from commission splits to health insurance costs. Once your fiscal situation is well defined, you can come to a decision how much you will spend for your real estate website.

The most popular publishing platform now is WordPress with the WP client downloading is FREE. Only themes need to be paid. And an IDX plugin is also essential that will bring the listings to your website.

budget singapore propety website designer reccommends

2. Get a template site or customize by myself which one to choose?

Make the setup and maintenance more simply, have not much time to develop a website, just go with the template option. If you are confident with your technical skills and your time is unlimited, a customizable site is great for you.

As in today's world, people mostly search online for homes and apartments, it is essential to showcase the property listings in a professional manner. As the leading Singapore Property Website Designer, Property Boom stands to get your site off to a running start. Contact us now for a FREE Consultation !

3. What do I look forwards to accomplishing with my new real estate site?

  • Receive X amount of clicks on pages.
  • X percent of bounce rate per week or month reduced.
  • X amount of email newsletter subscribers secured.
  • X amount of people to read the blog monthly, weekly, daily.
  • X amount of leads via the marketing
  • X amount of sales based on leads.

These are great metrics that many agents and brokers monitor, just decide which ones are important to your business that will come as your goals.

4. What is the vital information that my target audience want to see?

There are a few key areas to focus on throughout your website

  • Bio Page: Create a concise and clear biography that showcase your certifications, experience as well as any other information you expect the buyers and sellers prefer to see. They can help you get the trust of potential clients.
  • Blog Page: The original content should be updated daily. Just keep in mind you don’t need to be a professional blogger to be effective. Think about what your target audiences want to know. What you should write about? Whatever pain points your audience have.
  • Contact Page: your phone number(s), email address(es), social media interaction are all need providing in your contact page.

5. What role do keywords play in my website?

Just take time to learn about the optimization for your page so that you can get ground in Google. Then what keywords work well for your market and services? Use tools like Google Adwords and Trends to facilitate your work.


Besides, if you want to move your way up in Search Results, RSS feeds of visitors and leads, learn more about inbound marketing and SEO.

6. Need to fill in my website with useful content?

Blog page, homepage, landing pages, and bio page need to be added with other types of content to make an impression on your audience. From informative Infographic, SlideShares of tips and pointers to videos of your opinions to the existing local market’s conditions.

Take note that whatever you add to your website, search engine optimization should go along with. Cause Non-optimzation which means your real estate website seems like non-exist.

7. The Best Real Estate Website (or close to it) can be mine?

Update Blog Page regularly to increase traffic, at least a few times a week. Special offers for FREE like SlideShares, ebooks, infographics, videos are the primary contents need creating before your site is live. When visitors have come to your website for the first time, it’s operational, then there is so much to show them.

blog page design


As you grow with your content, visitors will come to expect your expertise and remember you when it’s time to consider buying or selling. Need to be professional design or a Photoshop master? Just do your research early on, then create the graphic content each week can also be a good performance.

8. Should I need do to social media activity for promotion?

Take time to write some new blog posts for your website? Yes, essentially. Social media activities on Facebook and Twitter are the necessities to generate the organic traffic as well. So how?

  • Social media: These days, marketing on Facebook and Twitter can give you more opportunities to interact with buyers and sellers. The tip is when people take their time to respond to Tweets and your messages, answer their questions, give "thank" to them or add to their comments. Then that person could be your next client.
  • Email: Email Marketing Campaigns at different points of the sales lifecycle are essential. This provides leads with new information and new content.
  • Ads: It comes as a great tactic for lead generation. Display your ads (From PPC campaigns) on social media sites along with the effective research of keywords and smart investments. Just be sure to write five-star copy for your ads to entice clicks and link to relevant web pages.

Eventually, before launching A Real Estate Website need to use all above supreme promotion methods to make your name become more well-known online.

9. How can I know my website is performing well?

Make sure the site's functions work well that is worth the precious time you give. What best method to ensure this? Go over analytics consistently. Your websites require the patience. Your traffic will not spike after one or two days of being online. You can analyze how much the traffic is as well as where it comes from.

When people found you via The search engine, that's the organic traffic. For those who type in your site’s URL - a fantastic sign that gives you the direct traffic. And then there’s referral traffic - people sent to your site from other sites, including social media. Get the tremendous insight into how to modify and develop the overall marketing scheme via them.

google analytics with real estate website

How to track above traffic sources (and conversions)?  Google Analytics is the most widely used method where you can keep tabs on click-through rates, conversions and other pertinent metrics. Ultimately, programs like this will help you determine if you’re meeting your goals or if adjustments need to be made to your site, keywords or promotion.

10. Most importantly, how to convert the visitors to leads?

First of all, make sure you have a means to convert visitors to leads. Your landing pages and squeeze pages need to consist of the information about your services and a contact form to collect the visitors' personal information. Including an appealing call-to-action is the best way to do this.

Once get customers' information, you can immediately contact them and start to track them using your CRM. The leads need to be nurtured and monitored constantly, so it is essential to find the right organizational system to help you to check in potential buyers and sellers. Even if you check in with leads and no one bites to buy or sell, you’ve established or continued the relationship. And after all, building relationships is how agents and brokers make their living.

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