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Key Elements To Get Your Property Website To Make It To The Top

2024 · 05 · 27
Key Elements To Get Your Property Website To Make It To The Top
The pinnacle of good property websites is good branding and nice design. However, what makes the biggest difference come out on the inside. Nice design and good branding are often seen as the pinnacle of any good website however it is often what is inside the makes the biggest difference! Whether the content on the website, the properties shown, the pictures or the colors, most of the property websites have certain nuances, make it different from the others. Cause there is no a general formula for a good and effective website that can increase the lead generation and so many factors involved, we just go through the most important ones that can help your property website successful including good properties, good-looking design and good branding.

Go-mobile Website

What comes first when building a property website? The informative content? No, you need the one responsive and functional firstly. The data show that 60% of the traffic on a website comes via mobile devices. Build A Responsive Property Website is the key factor for any real estate agents.

responsive real estate website design singapore

These days, most of the home-buyers, land lords always search for their homes via their mobile devices. And it's essential that they can get access to all the information they need fully, exactly and conveniently before they meet you. If your property website doesn't work well all devices, you will lose significant opportunities to connect with your potential customers and of course, your marketing strategy's got a massive gap. With Property Boom, Responsive and Functional is always the basic features applied in our websites. You can take a look at Our Work - and you can picture what your upcoming property website will look like.

Good Photos

The importance of the images is that they can be the difference between a great-looking, successful website with the other bad and unprofessional. Bad images with blurry, poorly lit, the wrong aspect ratio can kill the look and disappoint your potential customers. In fact, the visitors always remember the colorful and high-resolution photos more than the content. It is the imagery that sticks to their mind about what the website looks like. You can consider some tips here tomake the photos in your property website look better.

Call-to-Action Button Placement

In terms of return on investment (ROI) via your website, Call-to-Action is the most important factor. These are Application registration forms, evaluation forms and Book for viewing, Contact Us Now, among others. Got them to be applied on the website is really good, of course, however, it is their placement that can make the most significant difference.

call to action button

You will not only want your users just click on the site and end up here. So it's necessary to get a well-placed CTA button at the bottom of each post. If the potential client pays the attention to your website and interested in a property and a convincing, strategically placed "Contact us now" Button can help you to get their contact details. In the case of they are not ready to make an action right away, the CTA button also grabs their attention and the website's done its job. A Good Return on the property website can not come without a good CTA!

Keep the good content updated

When it comes to a website management, this is one of the hardest tasks. Producing good, useful content for the end users is very challenging. You should try it if the website has a BLO, maybe once or twice a week with local news. The regular updating is an added advantage. With the informative content updated steadily on your property website as well as posted in the other related ones, then it's possible for you to see a boost in Google's Ranking.

updating content

With us - Just Give A Little, Get A Lot

If you are ready for Property Website with the most features and high-quality that the average small business realtor or agent would need but inexpensive, contact our team at Property Boom today, we’d love to talk to you.

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