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Is your real estate website up to scratch?

2024 · 05 · 27
Is your real estate website up to scratch?
Nowadays, a real estate website is not just an online address where you display your products, it is your interactive store. It attracts the clients, raise the interaction, your website will tell with the visitor who you are as a real agent. How to know your website is up to scratch? What are the standards ensure that? Together, Property Boom and you explore the issue.

Your real estate website must attract the client attention

The first rule in business, you want to become a best seller, let sale for the customer the products which you also want, don't give them one you don't like. This is the same you put yourself into your client seat, think what they want, what they expect. With a real estate website, when an audience visit your homepage, it was 10 seconds or less to he makes a decision that whether or not stay?

a real estate website design engage the clients

So, make your site alive and charm by adding the interesting photos, strong call to action, beautiful layout, the perfect colour combination and an attractive content. The visitor look at your site, is impressed and they think:"Woah! It's great!". You win.

Various, engaging, relevant content


You always update the latest property information, the hot trends, pricing which the customers interested in. Every 6 months, you should check your site and ensure the content still fresh, correct and significant. This is an important work due when the customer visits your web, they often noted the reputable and quality webs which provide them useful info.

Fully responsive website design

responsive website bring more client for you

Technology has made a large amount of the great strides, applying the modern technique into the life help human to solve works quickly, save the time and money. According to a statistic, 60% of website traffic is from mobile devices. If the audiences click on your website by their smartphone, and they receive nothing, or a breaking layout, the blur images, I can sure that they never come back. So, a responsive website is the necessity. It ensures your website interact with new clients in a further region, furthermore, your SEO strategy is not be affected.
Now, do you affraid of what is a responsive website , don't you? And what does it help you in your business? Property Boom provide the responsive real estate website design services, just SGD $299, you have a basic website with excellent quality and the attractive after-sales policies. Contact us NOW to receive the detail guide.

Not to let your website out-of-date

your website should not out of date

The average period of a website is from 2 to 4 years, if you own a website which was used for 3 years, you should invest in the next one. The real estate website needs more upgrade than others industry, because the hobbies of the clients change every day. You should follow your website changing and you will have a good idea of the latest features and available functions.

Communicate effectively your brand

build your brand from the basic: your real estate website

The last thing helps you recognise your website is up to scratch is ensuring your effective messages to the client. Let build an unique trade mark no competitor like you, start from a conscientiousness, a professional style, but at a first step, from your website.

Is there any real estate website design company better than Property Boom? I'm afraid no one

Property Boom is Singapore No.1 property website design company, with over 10 years working with a large number of customers in the world, we bring the BEST products to our customers. With Property Boom, you don't worry about your website is outdated, the web interface is not impressive, etc. Why? Because we provide a real estate website design service and many online marketing solutions which help your site is up to scratch, generate more leads and pull more clients to you. Don't wait! Contact us for the free consultants.

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