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Inspired Closing Gifts Of Real Estate Agent Website

2024 · 04 · 16
Inspired Closing Gifts Of Real Estate Agent Website
Your real estate agent website is connected to the customer, and your client came to you to make a deal. You should make sure that your customer got their great home or sold it with the most suitable price. However, it is not the end of your business and the best way to make the lasting impression on your customers than through a creative closing presents.

real estate closing table

The best closing gifts are personal

Make sure that your real estate agent website has enough information about facilities and amenities relates to the property. So, your customer will put more belief in your business. And, after transactions, you should prove that they are right when choosing you by a closing gift. This is a nice way to make your customer won't forget you after they leave the closing table, and maybe you will find you when they want to sell or buy again. Here are some ideas for presents you can surprise your customer:
  • Donate money to a charity in their name: If you know your customer are great supporters for helping children, saving animals or increasing awareness about a cause they are concern about, show you can donating money to a charity of their choice.
  • Hire a house cleaning services: When your customer move in a new house, every thing can be messy. So, you can hire a maid service to help them to clean their house and reduce their stress of cleanup.
  • Give them dinner at the local restaurant:  This helps your customer to know the zone and they will appreciate your care.

local restaurant

  • Register them to monthly box shipments which follow their interests:
    • Meowbox/Barkbox - for families have dogs or cats
    • Food delivery service
    • A meal subscriptions for customer healthy
  • Hire a gardening service: sometimes, your customer is too busy and they don't have enough time for gardening. Why don't you provide these service at free to them?

gardening service

  • Pay for the painting of their house or a photo shoot in their new home: this is a nice way to help your customer capture a memory when they move into a new house or leave their childhood house.
  • Send a birthdays or anniversaries gift card: this is the best way to show your congratulation and your customers know you still care about them.
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