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Hyperlocal Marketing - The most effective way to brand your Real Estate Business

2024 · 04 · 16
Hyperlocal Marketing - The most effective way to brand your Real Estate Business
Real estate market these days is very hyper competitive, it's important for any agent to outstanding from the competitors. To be top of the list, it's necessary to make a predominant presence, specifically in your neighborhood and get the community's perception as the local real estate authority. How can you do it? Go hyperlocal marketing now.

What is Hyperlocal Marketing?

The internet has made the move on The market online as well as consumer behaviour. Most of home-buyers, sellers and landlords always browse for their estate agents or properties ONLINE, that's why you need to make a dominant ONLINE presence wherever your target audience starts their search. Hyperlocal Marketing comes to feature a digital marketing targeting highly to a specific geographic region or area. It is all about put your online marketing efforts ONLY on a particular neighborhood or community, then give the offer towards the segment's needs and desires including highly relevant content, beautiful visual images, and useful information. At first, how daunting task it looks! However, there are a plenty of hyperlocal digital marketing tools and solutions on The Internet to help you reach your local target audience.

First Step - Build A Hyperlocal Real Estate Website

Before launching your Hyperlocal Marketing Campaign, the agent needs to create a hyperlocal property website. Take in mind that the website’s purpose is High-quality Lead Conversion, not Drive More Traffic.

website design for real estate business

Therefore, from the layout, design, images, to content of the website have to be specific geographically to the community and the neighborhood you target to. In addition, your website Mobile Version should get location-based features such as “On Show Near Me” or “Property Near Me”. The audience will prefer the Custom Search Results based on their geographic location. And the result is that you can give your audiences the superb hyperlocal search experience.

Drive Traffic to Hyperlocal Website

When the website is live, get it found locally on Google. It is imperative to improve your website’s ranking and visibility, make sure that it can appear on the 1st page of Google Search Result, cause more than 70% web browsers make their property search on Google. Here are 3 ways to improve your page's rank:
  • Search Engine Optimisation: The relevance to a specific search is the number one factor for Google to rank websites. And the relevancy is determined by the content. So the quantity and quality of the property information, the listings, profiles, news as well as images must be original, unique and consistent. And Google will penalize if the website publishes any copycat content.
  • Google AdWords: A pay-per-click Marketing Solution that supports your property listings and geographic area with the relevant keywords and phrases. You only pay when people click on the ads. In basis, you can park at the top of Google Search Result as well as you are capable to optimize well your GA campaign. Obviously, the visitors exposed to your ads are the ones actively looking for properties, which means the conversion rates are high.
  • Google Places: Regarded as the world’s biggest business directory, the GOLD Page in the 21st century. List your real estate company in it, then your office will get found not only on Google Maps, but also on Google Search Results pages.

Google Display Local Ads

Create brand awareness and drive more high-quality local traffic to your website from high traffic websites like News24, BusinessDay, IOL, YouTube, among others. When people pay a visit to them, base on the websites they have visited recently, Google will show the relevant ads. This is “reminder” marketing or re-marketing method. The great thing is that when the serious buyers, sellers or tenants visit your property website, you can remind them about your property brand or the last property they viewed on your site before they leave.

Local Email Marketing

    1. Email Marketing: This comes as one of the most effective direct local marketing forms. At first, you need to get the past and current clients database, then create useful and impressive content relevant to your local community and send it to all your audiences.
    2. Email Signatures: Each email can offer your agency the opportunity of branding. So make sure that every email is branded and personalised with the signature linking to your real estate website and social media channels.
Email Alerts: Catch the buyers' needs with an automatical property email alert when a new property matching their needs is shown on your website. Promotional Emails: Another effective way to clinch to your audience by promoting a specific event, the official launch of a new project, or any useful marketing messages.

Facebook Local Conversation

facebook ads

What is the largest resource of local property website traffic?? Facebook Channel with over 1.8 billion users. There is no social platform better to reach and engage with the potential clients. Facebook Page can help you to promote your brand, get the high conversion as well as claim your business brand as a local property expert.
  1. Daily Posts: Keep your daily posts educational and informative in order to position your brand as the local property expert. Avoid spamming with the lengthy sales pitches or new property listings.
  2. Facebook Ads Campaign: This method can help you target the audience in a specific geographic area, then boost your posts, make them appear on your target audience’s News feeds.
Hyperlocal Marketing is really an efficient, innovative and cost-effective method for you to reach the target audiences in a particular geographic community or neighbourhood. However, before launching this marketing campaign, you need to build a proper Real Estate Website, not only show your properties, your listings in details but also have to Good-looking, Responsive, Functional as well as SEO Friendly. Are you looking for that? Just stop the searching. We can help you out. PropertyBom.co offers you more than any other Real Estate Website Company – and for so much less. Where else you can find A Full-featured Professional Project Website at ONLY SGD $299? We even give you a multiple SGD $299 templates to choose. View here for more details or Contact Us for A FREE Consultation!

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