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How To Deal With No-Name Lead on Property Website?

2024 · 05 · 27
How To Deal With No-Name Lead on Property Website?
Your property website get a new contact assignment! It's time to help your customers sell or buy a home. However, they have only left their address, no mobile number and no name. So, what should you do with no-name leads?

Step 1: Never Delete

Any lead that comes to your property website, it could be a valuable lead and that is your next big sale. You will never know who is going to be a potential client. So when you take a contact that's only an address, you should send a letter with your business information and some of the properties listing.

real estate no name leads

Step 2: Here is the address. Is this going to be worth it?

If you want to convert a no-name lead into a customer, it will take a lot of effort. So you have to calculate the lead is worth or not? How to do that? The first step you are going to do is plug the address into Navigation apps to find out the address location like. Is this a million dollar property or a $20,000 listing? Is it located in a popular neighbourhood? If it's not worth your effort and time, set the status accordingly or move on.

navigation apps

Step 3: It Might Be Worth It

If you find out that this address is situated in a neighbourhood that has a great selling for a notable sum and great track record for selling quickly. This will become your valuable deal, so what should you do next? How to find them? You can look up public records to know who owns this address and their phone number. Is it worth knocking on the door or giving them a call?
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Step 4: Create a meaningful business one small touch

Thanks to the property website submission, you got a potential address. You should drop by their house with the letter and told them that you have received their submission and you will happy to go over this completed deal with them, or schedule a time to talk. The owners were so surprised with the dedication and work that they had put into selling or buying their home. So they will go ahead and make a deal with you.

property website listing

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