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Google Posts: The way lead a property agent website to the success

2023 · 12 · 06
Google Posts: The way lead a property agent website to the success
Google Post is one of the free features that can bring the fantastic benefit when you work in the online market. So, have you ever wondered that where you should begin and how to use Google Posts effectively for building a real estate website? Follow the article below and discover the shortest way lead you to the success.

1. Imagine

a high-resolution photo help your property website is much more attractive

A photo which has the high-resolution always make a professional style for your real estate website. Of course! That is a truth! Nobody wants to stay at a page that displayed the blur photos. You don't, your clients are, too. So, collect and choose the high-resolution images, these photos should have the minimum resolution of 720x720 pixel. When showed on your website, it was ensured the aesthetics and pulls the potential clients stay on your site in a long time. Don't forget that a high-resolution picture is not enough to make your client have the pleasure when they visit your site. It must come with a suitable content, if not, your work is not effective. A notice, although Google Posts asked a square picture, sometimes, they will be displayed as a rectangle.
Would you like to improve the images quality for your platform real estate website? Please take a look at Royalty-free stock photo resourced and find out more.

2. The kind of your post

Google Post is a fantastic feature that allows you to make a spectacular post. These spectacular posts will help you to build your real estate website and promote it usefully. So, before you post any thing on your website, let spend a few minutes to think about what topic you will write? Is there any magnificent project that you want to share with everybody? Or the latest news on the property market? Even your project that you are promoting, has any situation updated, focus on that and show on your site.

call to action

  • Heading: This is the most important detail in the overall post. There is over 60% users decide that whether they stay an article or not after they read the title. The title elicits the client attraction, hence, you should recapitulate your content in 4 to 5 words. You only have 58 characters for this area. Let remember: SHORT & CONCISE.
  • Description: Like the heading, this region is also ensured two elements: short and full details. The customer is not enough time to read your post in detail, so, try to mention some thing that you want the client interested in. 150 to 300 characters are an ideal standard.
  • Call To Action: Most of the real estate agent websites that sold a lot of apartments, have the STRONG call to action. This create the enthusiasm in your client, make they find out more at your site and make an impetuous decision to buy your products. Creating a STRONG CALL TO ACTION. Don't forget!Besides, you can add some instructions such as "Call" or "Visit" to create the connection between you/ your website and clients.
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