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Google Analytics Guides for Real Estate Agents

2024 · 05 · 27
Google Analytics Guides for Real Estate Agents

Get a Real Estate Website up is not enough, analysing how well it is working is also important. Google Analytics is a free web service that can give you the data on how people find your website and the user's experiences when they land on it.

How Estate Agents should use Google Analytics

One of the most important tools to measure your website's performance is Google Analytics. A huge amount of data will be collected daily on your site that comprises the number of visitors, goal completion as well as bounce rate, many more. GA is really a free-easy-to-manage service for your business! The data will be the priceless resources for your business if they are used in the right and effective way!

How to get started with Google Analytics

First of all, it will be better to set up the GA account when the website was built up. If not, it is not the matter, just follow some easy steps below:

  • Visit the Google Analytics Homepage https://www.google.com/analytics/
  • Sign up with your email and password
  • Then add the tracking code to your Property Website. (you can ask Your Website Design Agency to do that, just take a few minutes)
After a few hours later, you can get the data in details of your website's visitors coming through GA page!

How to set up your Google Analytics dashboard?

At first, click on '+ New Dashboard', then you will receive the option to use a blank canvas or go with a starter pack, for the article's purpose, it is recommended that you should choose a blank canvas. There are 12 different widgets available on the dashboard responding with a lot of metrics used to get you know how your website is performing and maybe you can end up with not only ONE dashboard!

1) Visits: A high number of visitors to the website that means a lot of people are interested in and interact with your Real Estate Website. It is possible for more leads and registration. Besides, the great thing is that Google will rank your site higher and give more authority to it.
2) Bounce rate: The data shows the number of people visit your page and left immediately. The metric is used for Google search rank. Get a low bounce rate (below 40%) is good for the Estate Website cause it means the users you targeted to get the good experiences on the site and then possibly, they can revisit it.
3) Visits and % New visits by Keyword: If you prefer to come up with a higher rank on Google Search Engine, the feature plays an important role. You can know the exact terms that people use to find out your website. There is a privacy rule that blocks you from getting the information of people that were logged into a Google account and do their search with https: and the result is that you can see a "not provided" percentage shown up. Don't worry, the blocked keywords make no considerable difference to your other main keywords.
4) Page views by page: For Real Estate Agents, it is necessary to know how often people take a look at properties that you are listed. The data can show you which pages are popular and which ones are not.
5) Average time on page: The metric can help you get a good idea of how well the pages are serving the end users. A low average time on page, especially for a property website, is the sign for you to re-design your site's design that is more user-friendly.
6) Pages per visit: For sure, you will want to the end users stay on the site as long as possible while being navigated to the other key pages. And here is the place show the average number of pages led to during the average visit.
7) Page views by mobile: These days many people search for their home on their mobile devices more than the others. This is the date you want to see if you got a Responsive Estate Website.
8) Goal completions and goal conversions rate by source: A goal completion is a very great feature to measure the effectiveness of your marketing. They are the Click on Contact-us or Registration button on the page.

Then how to use my dashboard

It is important for you to use the data on you GA dashboard effectively. Put the statistics in place to produce the report each week or month analysing the data Google has collected (you can download the report as PDF file)

google analytics for real estate business

For instance, the monthly report shows that the bounce rate on your site is high while there is no completing goals via the designated sources. What does it mean? You need to optimize your homepage as well as SEO strategy in order to make sure that the end users land on the right page for the keywords they searched for.

The recent update is Google will not show the results for mobile-friendly data that can be frustrated, you can not track our estate website's performance well as before. If your website is not responsive on all devices, you can see a significant drop in the traffic, for sure.

In addition to GA, what tool/ product that you can use along with?

Below is some Apps that you can use along with GA to drive more traffic and measure your website's ranking:

1) Google Adwords: Another Google service that can help you to advertise your business under some specific keywords in a Google Search and then increase the traffic on your site. Because Google Adwords works on a bidding system, you have to set a marketing budget for it.
2) Positionly: The web application can allow you to track all keywords ranked against your competitors. It is very useful to know the number of people visiting your website, and on which keywords as well as measure them with the keywords your site is ranking highly on. It can offer you much more SEO approach targeted and get your money saved up!

In short, Google Analytics is one of the most useful and important tools that can help you to measure and control your Property Website's performance well. If you are serious in knowing how the clients use and make action on your Real Estate Website and enhance your online appearance, you must use GA.

Need a responsive and functional website for GA? Call us now!

To facilitate the analysing process data on Google Analytics., you need to build a Property Website that is not only good-looking but also responsive and functional. Let us be the companion in the next project, Property Boom can give you the most excellent solutions for your business. Contact us Today!

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