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8 steps for stunning photos on property website

2024 · 05 · 27
8 steps for stunning photos on property website
First impressions last, your property website should make sure to give a positive searching experience for your target customers by allowing them with high-quality listing photos. They are very important, so make sure that they are high quantity, high quality and representative of the real estate that you are selling. You need to show your potential customer that they are finding their dream house by giving them with a great visual experience. Follow these steps to striking real estate photos on your website.

Before taking photos for property website

1. Invest in a good camera

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to buy a super digital camera, but ensure that you have a good camera and a tripod for equalization. Allowing your potential customers with pixelated or blurry photos might result in them losing interest and navigating away from your property website.


2. Staging

Your property website customers are not interested in the home contents, they are attracted by the space. Make sure that all the rooms are decluttered and clean. Move away from any distracting things like pet beds, fridge magnets, kids toys, bottles and more. If a few room looking a bit messy, you can decorate with pleasing elements like a white vase, fruit bowls and pillows on the sofa.

Before taking photos for property website

3. Natural lighting

Make use of natural brighten by open all the doors and windows and turn on the lights in the room to make a bright and open look. Never using the camera's flash because of the unwanted shadows and the reflection of mirrors. Try to take pictures of the interior in the sunny days to avoid dim looking photos. The exterior picture should be taken on overcast days to make sure that the sunshine doesn't cast shadows.

4. Find an angle that works

For interior images, taking from a doorway and corner is the best approach way to have a photo with much of the room as possible. This allows your customer with aids in getting the room look more larger.


For exterior photos, shooting the house from an angle to show a bit of depth. Make sure that you move away from some things like garden hoses, bins, pipes and wires.

5. Ensure that your photos are not misleading

Honesty is always the best policy. Make sure that your pictures are representative of the home that you are selling. When choosing your angles, ensure that rooms do not appear deceptively larger than they really are.

6. Take lots of photos

Take various photos of all the room and yard with every single angle. This will provide you to choose the best pictures of each room to represent your home when you are reviewing your photos.

After taking photos for property website

7. Touch up and enhance

Your property website photos might be too dark or too light, there is no shame in editing a bit. So adjust contrast and brightness accordingly. Using edit tool to make your photos becomes warmer, if the colour is a bit cool. Crop the images to make sure ideal framing.


8. Create a listing to match your photos

You get amazing high-quality pictures, this is important to ensure that the rest of the listing also great. Pair the pictures with a catchy description.
High-quality photos with an accurate description will generate leads. Check Our Work to know more about how to increase lead and enjoy the best price from S$299 ONLY.

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