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7 Property Website Design Predictions For This Year

2024 · 05 · 27
7 Property Website Design Predictions For This Year
Property website will continue become the important channel to increase the development of real estate business, based on the rapid and constant of designs, ideas and technology. Property Boom decided to do a study of the future and explore the several strong website design trends that we predict to real estate activities in this year.

More focus on mobile

There are more than 2 billion smartphone users globally, so we have clearly stepped into a mobile age. Although mobile responsive websites or mobile sites are not new to the real estate business, traffic which comes from mobile are growing exponentially day by day. More than 55% property website visits are now from mobile, which means that business should focus on mobile and operate the way to display visuals and content to customer on mobile interface. To succeed, you should re-think how a user moves through a property website process on their mobile and then build a truly mobile smart property search experience.

mobile for property website

Bold Colour

In the past, property website designers and brands have chosen subdued colours for the website. But in last year, we have to see the appearance of the new trend by super-rich colours online, they are duo-tone colours, oversaturation and vibrant hues. The transition into adopting bolder colour was supported by technological improvements in devices and monitors with more richer colours. As brands become more specific in the colours they get, this year will see a rising number of real estate business incorporating duo-tone and bold colours in their branding as an effort to take new things and move forward.

Beautiful Typography

Typography is a great visual method that can be taken to bring a personality, set a tone and evoke emotion. As smartphone type becomes easier to read on the device, resolutions become sharper and higher, business will be found to push the limits of typography to attract their website users. Await to look a rise in the use of beautiful, bold and big type, working in tandem with parallax, on property website design in this year.

Typography on property website

Authentic Imagery

Property website is a visual medium, so pictures of business image, communicate their mission and vision messages are important. These photos have been bought from stock libraries as they bring wonderful illustrations and photographs at a very suitable price. Real estate is a hyper-competitive industry, so it is becoming more and more hard to make your business stand-out against other competitors as everybody has connected to the same generic pictures. Customer value authenticity and more attracted to the business that relatable and original. So, we think a move to replace stock picture with more authentic photos like illustrations and original photography.

Widespread Implementation of Video

With the overall improvement in internet load speeds, appearance of fibre and the development of browsing technology. We predict that these factors to push the widespread use of HD clip /videos in this year. Clips/Videos allow property website users with a premium multi media user-experience that the mix of sound and movement images to catch your clients and take their attention. They build a virtual real estate viewing experience and a great marketing tool to show a property, information about that local area and promotion of company/agents. Although videos are already in use, we know that it will be more widespread implementation and higher usage in next time.

Video on Property website

Creative Animation

Animation will help to catch a customer's attention through the use of icons, movement photos and text to tell a story. Animations can be all different sizes, shapes and be used for different aims - from load to wonderful effects when user hovers over an icon or image to a small load icon to entertain the users while waiting for pages load. They will make your property website look creative, technologically advanced and captivating, with the increase of use of JQuery, HTML and CSS, we anticipate a far animation will hold in real estate business.
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Innovative Scrolling and Parallax

Scrolling is not only moving from the top to the bottom of a property website page, is has developed to deliver content online on the different display of all resolutions and sizes. This advancement has brought to better website functionality. If action correctly, scrolling can work with a host kinds of content including static content and videos. In addition, the Parallax build a sense of dynamism. and allows nice visuals as it allows a sense of depth by lifting sections of the screen. Original content generation raising at amazing rates and a greater focus will find out the way of innovation to deliver the contents. It leads to the widespread use of parallax and scroll effects come this year as property business and designer experiences with these tools to complement their own content.

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