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6 Reasons Why Property Website Must Link To Social Media

2024 · 06 · 21
6 Reasons Why Property Website Must Link To Social Media
Property website design is a channel of marketing your business brand and selling your properties. Combined with social media, everything will be more effective and this is an important factor for any modern real estate agent. Don't you believe in the social platforms, check these 6 reasons why property agents need to hold social media.

Raise brand awareness

Nowadays, Social Media is free to use and very huge with the connection of people on over the world. It allows real estate agents to show their properties and service to the right customers with ease way. If your real estate website is like to all popular social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, this will help raise brand awareness through grow follower and shares at a low price. Hashtags are great features on social media, it helps to get your brand attracting more many people who are finding or interested in your offer, adding photos to posts will raise more awareness. According to a research, your post takes 18% more clicks post than a post without the photo.

Competitive advantage

There are 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide, so it is the big competitive advantage for many companies to use social media to its full potential.

People using social media

If your competitor is not using, you have the advantages of marketing and advertise your properties to a lot of people. But if your competitors are having social media and you don't, they will take all your opportunities.


Social Media is also a channel to connect everyone in the real estate industry. By linking your past and current clients, you can request followers to share the post with those who are finding to new properties, this is a nice way to create new business. If you're linking to the right target customer and interesting conversations, your networking efforts will attract more client, raise enquiries and interest.

SEO benefits

Your property website should share posted with attracted content to social media, it will get more followers for your pages and traffic to your website. Content is the most important in the SEO and if you post engaging and useful content, this will show in search engine results. Social media homepages such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are used like any other website page in search results. But, they have enough features to ranking position, it can't get your social media pages showing on the first search page of Google.
Property Boom create a Property Website Design which optimised for mobile & content, optimised for search engine. Your website can be accessed by all devices from smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC without any usability issues.

Improves brand loyalty

71% of consumers who have had a good social media experience with a brand is likely to recommend it to others. According to a study, 71% of clients who have got a good social media experience with a business is likely to introduce to others. Feedback from followers on social can lead to a good chance for your activities because it is increased your brand’s trustworthiness. So more people will look for you when they want to find the properties. Your followers can know what you are doing every day, this allows you to connect to real time, giving quick answers keeping all potential customers satisfied.

Advertise to wider buyers

advertise property website on facebook

You can let your real estate website design to more interaction with people on social media by using advertising services for a small fee. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram ads allow you to promote posts and business profile to your target customer, taking the potential for more enquiries and more followers. You are sharing photos of property listings on Instagram or sharing your business related posts on your Twitter. You can get some sort of social media presence will getting many benefits of interest to your real property website in Singapore.

Engaging with Property Boom

Property Boom is experts in the property website design industry, if you would like a little more help to connect your real estate website to social media and boost your website on search engines, get in touch with us now.

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