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5 Cutting-Edge Property Website Design Trends in 2017

2024 · 04 · 16
5 Cutting-Edge Property Website Design Trends in 2017

These days, as more Real Estate Companies have put the increasing online presence for their real estates, Property Website Design features an essential and important part to help them stay ahead of the pack in the marketing war. In 2017, below are Web Design Trends and Emerging Best Practices for Real Estate we can expect to see.

Some dominated last year including flat design, big hero images with high resolution, scroll navigation, card layouts are expected to prevail Estate Agent Website Design with some exciting new improvements.

1. Functionality and Minimalism

The market will see more property website with the simple and functional design. The removal of unnecessary design elements means will allow the content to stand out, help to draw the users’ attention to important parts like Calls-to-action, then drive them to the complete conversion.

simple property website design trend

2. Keep Menu Navigation Unique and Minimum

A recent research by design experts showed that an abundant options in a website can distract the users which is the reason for the reduction of navigation and menu options in current designs. Only the options representing the main and useful points offered.

And another reason attributes is the reduction is that we are seeing the increasing mobile-first approach in the industry. If it comes in your thinking that mobile web design is still a niche industry, you need to change your mind. Mobile isn’t a trend, nor even the future, it’s the present.

unique navigation in estate agent website design

More and more real estate companies and agents are branding the online presence in their users' mind who browse with their mobile devices everyday.
It is necessary to keep the navigation of a property website minimum, more unique options are replacing gradually for the anchored top page menus as wide aspect ratios on screens and mobile navigation are normal now.

3. BIG & BOLD Typography

Any Real Estate Agents prefer their value propositions and statements to leave a profound impression and a strong impact on their customers and even drive more conversions, big, bold typography is the best recommendation. For sure, it is becoming a dominating trend in Estate Agent Website Design.


bold typography in property website design

4. Full-width and Professional Images

One of the important factors in the interface design of Property Website that helps effectively to draw the attention of prospective clients is the professional photography with full-width and high resolution images.

full-width images

Real Estate Companies and Agents tend to create their original images to represent their brand and values.

5. Interactive Google Map

interactive google map

These days, seeing maps to locate properties and amenities around it becomes a routine of website visitors. In real estate, all is about location, so a Google Interactive Map is obviously a key decision driver for any potential buyers or investors.

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