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4 Professional Real Estate Web Design Styles For Agents

2024 · 04 · 16
4 Professional Real Estate Web Design Styles For Agents

Agents can explore more their real estate web design library and some of recommendation will give you some idea about website design style or you can built your own property website. These are styles which have successfully make wonderful real estate web design for agent.

1. Prime classic design

This real estate web design style is the combined of tranditional and classical styles. Prime clean design has character and charm, wide open breathing space and super luxurious. A powerful and ultra responsive. Traditional with a simple for the navigation bar. Big logo, integrated search, menu and many advertise slots on the homepage.

prime classic real estate design

Whilst clean, approachable and friendly, the content is better attractive. Easy adapting with destop, laptop, tablet and high right down and responsive to mobile. This is suitable use for a larger groups or agencies with infinite scroll, content pages, video and more.

2. Simple clean design

Highly responsive design shows a well designed lay out and high end shows simple clean, modern of many projects. Simple search and horizontal navigation, it’s inspired by the same bold open space of follow big and beautiful idea.

simple clean design

This real estate web design style is the best choice for small agencies that hoping to get professional, high quality website with clearly picture, website information is easy to catch visitor attention and good real estate content pages.

3. Ultra modern design

This real estate web design offer a modern design that following the metro-style square tiles, mixing the full width and popular striped design. Modern translucency and the quality shines under working area of the homepages.

Ultra modern design

Lots of white breathing space space for a feeling of safe, calm and luxury. Ability to use permanent search bar that integrated into the header. Panel roll over navigation.

A modern design, it’s emphasize that our real estate web design is bold, strong, big and clear. Clarity throughout and simplicity. Very large scale photography focused to extensive powerful use of video throughout, search areas and across content.

4. A powerful and rich design

powerful and rich design

The new trend in real estate web design with wealth of engagement content hidden in a frame. It is packed all cutting - edge functionality including map/mapping based on searching, area guide content. This quality site design is suitable for premium branding. Map result views, List and Gird are available with full screen high response traditional project layout or property deail pages.

A powerful and rich style brings elegance and class for your real estate web design, it is high usability with an extensive of video throughout and large scale picture. Clear navigation, strong header and a full content strategy or marketing engine.

Property Real Estate Web Design will optimized for leads, content pages and mobile users

Let's join with us - Property Boom

If these styles is inspiring idea for your website design, engage us and we would happy to introduce you to one of our profressional website designer. With many experiences in real estate web design for agents or brokers, Property Boom will be the best choice for your property website and your career. Contact us now!

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