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3 secrets make your real estate Instagram site attract more followers

2023 · 12 · 06
3 secrets make your real estate Instagram site attract more followers

Nowadays, anyone who is working in the property knows that they must have a real estate website, that's the first step. Then, create the social media for your property website, perform the promotional program to attract the clients. Besides Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Instagram is one of the popular social networks that help you to build a real estate website easily. Property Boom will show you 3 basic secrets to make an attracted real estate Instagram site.

1. Create an interesting story on your Instagram

Create an interesting story on your real estate Instagram site

Since your stories appear on Instagram, it will be displayed at the top of the timeline of your followers for 24 hours. Create the interesting content and that help you make the strong impression with your followers. There are many ways that can attract them, you can share the videos or images behind-the-scenes about your life and works. You should save interesting articles that you can use for the other social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc).

2. Use hashtags and mention people in your posts

use hashtag in your posts

Raising your reach by tagging friends who appear in your images, videos or posts. They can also do the same. By this way, your influence area will be stretched further. But, anyone who used Instagram can tag you on a photo that has the irrelevant content. Ensure that posts will be removed to keep the professional aspect for your real estate Instagram site.

3. Take your followers behind the scenes

upload a live video on your instagram site

The last thing, you want to engage more the followers? Should show a live video on your timeline Instagram. A short video that introduces your show flat, or property event, even the wonderful apartment of your client can be attracted the followers on your real estate Instagram site. For people who missed your live video, you can send them a private message via the Instagram Direct app.

Building a real estate website and its relevant social media, you would show your concern with property career, the professional style and a depth knowledge about real estate. Showing a little information about your project that you are going to develop, provide the list of the normal question and explain the detail for each asking, that will help you demonstrate the bond between you and real estate career.

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