Top 5 Tips For Tracking Your Competitors Website

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Top 5 Tips For Tracking Your Competitors Website

In the real estate business sector, the way tracking on your competitors website is an essential action. It brings many unexpected to your benefits. You need to know how your competitors website are as well as how many of them are out there and how they operate in order to stay ahead.

As an estate agent, staying above the competition is particularly hard, especially as there is a lot of it. Through our findings in this sector, we have put together top 5 tips for tracking your competitors website and how to perform it so that help you can keep on top.

Here are our top 5 tips for tracking your competitors website

1. Looking for what they do

Carrying out your competitor website analysis will enable you to distinguish what else you should be doing for your website. Take note of what your competitors are implementing well and create a strategy to take it one step further. Perhaps your competitors are offering 360 images of the properties they are selling? Their website is so impressive by investing in eye-catching designs and optimizing viewing across devices. Or they have reliable information about the project at the earliest and fastest.

Just think, the more information your user has, the more likely they are to make an inquiry. To save time, rather than constantly checking out your competitors, you can apply their practices to your website, in a wise and selective manner. This way you will receive “submit form” email on anywhere your competitors are mentioned on the web.

2. Find out what not to do

Watching your competitors website can not only show you what to do best but it can teach you what not to do. Monitoring your competitors website online marketing efforts and the property industries main market players will allow you to form a cost-effective strategy avoiding any risk of bad reputation and branding mistakes.

3. Identify Market Opportunities

Need more ideas? Then why not look at your competitors content? Looking at your competitors website and their brands awareness will give you the inspiration you need to come up with bigger and better ideas. Want to offer top tips but can’t think of anything? Check out other property blogs and use their ideas to come up with a more exciting idea.

Spend some time looking at any client comments of your rival’s brand, this could provide very useful feedback on any missing market opportunities, filling in the gaps of your company and provide an even better service.

4. Keep track on Social Media

Social Media is at the forefront of many companies marketing strategies. Following or regularly checking your competitors social feeds will enable you to get a better understanding of what brand image they are trying to portray. Social Media is also a great source of information, you can follow your competitors followers with ease and see exactly what they are up to on a day to day basis.

If you are worrying because your competitors don’t operate on social media, then don’t! If you’re active on social media and your local competitors aren’t, you already have the upper hand.

5. Generate leads from unhappy customers

Being nice and dont let your competitors website walk over you is way to succeed in the business world. If you find that a lot of your competitors clients are unhappy with their service, take this as an opportunity to persuade them that your service is much better. Did you know that 78% of customers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase due to bad service? Let’s face it, your competitors have already lost the business and they would probably use this tactic on you.

We have put together top 5 tips for tracking your competitors website and how to perform it so that help you can keep on top

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