With more than 10 years working with hundreds of Singapore Property Agents, Propertyboom.co specialize in Property Responsive Website Design and Online Marketing Solutions. Pay per click (PPC) for estate website is one of the most efficient and top-performing marketing channel. That also known as cost per click, drive traffic to websites where an advertiser pays as publisher. 

With the aim of increase relevant traffic or your potential leads to your estate website quickly, Propertyboom.co supplies PPC service effectively via Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Our customers are completely assured and confident in many years for advertising their real estate websites more effectively.

Make a good first impression

This is an opportunity to start things on the right foot to introduce your brand. Let your homeowners know what they should expect and how you can help them.  Along with cost per impression, and cost per order, pay-per-click are used to assess the cost effectiveness and profitability. In addition, this channel also have many advantages over cost per impression that it transfer information about how effective the advertising was. If the main reason is produce click or, more precisely drive traffic to a destination, then pay-per-click is the preferred metric.

Target to specific home seeker

This is a perfect chance to get more visitor to agent’s real estate website base on individual advertiser both in the short term or in the long term. With other of advertising targeting, the main factor about PPC campaigns usually following the target’s interest, intent, geography, location and the day and time. Propertyboom.co will help  agent’s estate website access potential customer via focus on what own-stay or investment people are looking for. Along with this action, we are also prevent wasteful clicks from unqualified people.

Measure results

Once you have developed your new campaigns, you will need to periodically monitor them to ensure that they remain effective. In fact, regular account activity is one of the best predictors of account success. Propertyboom.co connect securely to your  accounts, enabling you to see clearly.  At a glance, a wealth of data from your campaigns that would be otherwise difficult to access in one centralized location.  It takes you only 5 minutes setting up to be on top of Google.  As the result of maximize return on investment, and grow your business.

Reinforce your brand

PPC is an opportunity to present your brand in a positive way. Not only helps you grow and improve, but it gives you the chance to display positive feedback to potential buyers in order to generate leads.

Are real estate’s agencies ready for the new project promotion campaign? At Propertyboom.co, you not only find the right solution for your website, surely you will be extremely satisfied with others our customer service such as Single Property Website Design, Property Listing Website Design, and Marketing / SEO / SEM

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