It has long been assumed that moving a holiday home was unfortunate and many thought that trying to move at Christmas and New Year was a mistake. This stigma quickly breaks down and waiting until the festival ends can mean you miss the BIG opportunity for your business.

The Christmas time is an opportunity for you to introduce the wonderful service that your business offers. You can let customers access products through the website. As a property website design services can help you create the perfect online brand, build trust and professional appearance for your website.

Survival Guide Using Property Website Design For The Christmas Season

The Advantages

Search online

Last year, a data release showed that real estate searches doubled compared to Christmas and New Year. Although page visits on Christmas Day were low, but their traffic increased thereafter. Suggesting that the festive season is fast becoming one of the busiest periods for homebuyers in Singapore!
New year, new beginning and all new things
The trend of real estate search is increasing after Christmas ends. And the need to move to prepare for the new year is the next big thing on people’s list. If you are a dynamic real estate agent, you should think of this stage as an initial engagement and acquisition stage.

Time is of the essence

In general, very few of your competitors are active at Christmas time. Usually, real estate agents take holidays on this occasion and this is a great opportunity for you.
Although people are more likely to rush out of Christmas shopping or spend time with their families. In addition, prepare their belongings and arrange for the big day, many have plenty of time off from work during Christmas.
The most buyers are serious about protecting their home units at the end of the year, they will not only be willing to pay a little more but also want the process to be quick.
By using the rest of their holidays, it means it also may be easier for them to find time to visit your property website. This gives you have the opportunity to introduce your great property website design, so go ahead and go beyond it!


The technology today allows buyers to join and preview properties from multiple real estate agents. Therefore, this increased accessibility has opened many options for buyers. The appearance of property website design is also a very important part to attract your customers.
Websites and social media are not only making the search process easier, they are changing the way we proceed. With a strong social presence, customers are more likely to engage with your real estate agent and contact you when they can do it whenever and wherever they want.

Use your online resources …

In the technology development today, more and more people are buying properties on the internet. A successful online marketing strategy during festive months will maximize your exposure. This helping you develop a trusted brand online and stand out from the competition.
Paid advertising is a commendable way to get potential customers. Facebook allows you to create paid ads specifically designed to reach your target audience, generate leads, increase likes and increase engagement with your website.
The linking your Facebook page and website will create positive interaction, this is one way to promote your website to the public. Besides creating property website design, we also offer services for running ads, writing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) articles, etc. This contribute to improving your website rankings on Google.

Property Website Design: Tips For Surviving During Christmas Season

Increase customer experience

What else could you do to make them easier during this busy time?
Increase customer experience by providing an engaging perspective for them. Watch home videos, introduce each room so they feel about the actual size, live stream on social media to recommend home viewing, this helps customers save time and effort and allows them to feel Get more about your potential home without having to go see it right away.
This will also help with your social media presence and tracking, build strong brand awareness. Extending watch time, allowing customers to have later-than-normal views, providing online consulting services are methods that enhance the customer experience.

Well connect: Be contactable, live chats, emails, social messengers…

You must always be ready to receive calls from customers. They always want to get feedback faster than ever, the best way to quickly get in touch is to have a live chat device.
Moreover, using social media, setting options for chatting on Facebook to pop up for your customers first. In addition, you should live stream on your website or leave a email for customers to easily discover with fast response speed. We recommend you make a special limit, for example, you still serve until 11 pm during Christmas to show customers your career. Instead of you closing early and you only get one customer, you get more.

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What are some tips to help you for surviving during Christmas season? Book An Appointment for more details and get more advice today!